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Directing // Editing // Cinematography // Intimacy Coordinating

Why Ditch The Box Studios?

Our mission is to elevate artists, community leaders, and underrepresented communities by producing powerful stories that inspire.


We are a team of queer, indigenous, Latinx creators using our skills as filmmakers, artists, and activists to cultivate community, inspire growth, spread knowledge, and represent all of the badass folks making a difference!

Some of Our Work
Promo/Fundraising Video

In places like Santa Fe where finding affordable housing is an ongoing challenge, Homewise offers both relief and support to the community. With a friendly a helping hand throughout the entire process, they help first-time home buyers by providing the education and assistance they need to find a home. Hear from folks that couldn't believe they could ever own a home,  and from city representatives about the impact organizations like Homewise can have on a community with deeply passionate, cultural, and historical roots. 

Neptune Fish Jerky
Story of Us Video

With nearly half of fish in the seafood industry (550 million pounds per year) going to waste, Neptune jerky is a step towards healthy oceans and a more efficient food system. Nick Mendoza has a sustainable seafood jerky company called Neptune that takes underutilized cuts of white fish and turns them into delicious, healthy snacks. Nick has always been a fish guy...little did we know he would find a way to grow a career and a company focusing on fish.

Siler Yard Arts & Creativity Center

Affordable housing is one of the biggest issues in Santa Fe, NM with over 6,000 units of housing needed to balance the market. Half of those need to be affordable to artists, young talent, and residents of all types of circumstances. Watch this documentary detailing the process, the people involved, and the community design challenge that makes the Siler Yard project an influential milestone in the development of Santa Fe's midtown neighborhood, and the city at large.

Creative Santa Fe: Arts Nonprofit
Annual Recap Video

Creative Santa Fe leverages the arts to facilitate meaningful discussions that drive positive change. The people, the programming and the intention that goes into each and every event are always worth showing up for! Housing, the future of art, and climate justice are just a few of the many topics they focus on. But don't take our word for it, check out what others have to say about them in this end of year 2019 recap!

BADCAT Live @ Meow Wolf
Performance Highlight Reel

Our favorite Santa Fe house music DJ, BADCAT! Check out the crowd she revs up at Meow Wolf, the premiere performance venue in Santa Fe. SHE. BUMPS. HOUSE. Like no other.

Meet the Team



Director // Editor // Intimacy Coordinator

Doza (they/them) is a traveling artist living in Santa Fe, NM. Their experience ranges from tech to creative with community engagement and personal empowerment as the focal point of each mission-based project.

Their newest endeavor as an intimacy coordinator empowers emotional wellness and creative efficiency on-set by clarifying production goals, safe boundaries, and union protocols for cast, and crew. Doza's expertise includes in-depth understandings of media representation, community empowerment, and safe communication practices with sensitivity to socially and culturally diverse experiences.

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Co-Founder // Cinematographer // Director


Originally from a small town in Morelos, Mexico, Anaid immigrated to the U.S. with her family when she was 12 years old. Throughout her life, Anaid has explored many forms of creative expression and realized that video encompassed everything perfectly! Her love of color and composition from painting easily translated into cinematography. Her love of music could also be incorporated into video production, as it is the heart of the video. Realizing this, Anaid began teaching herself everything she could about video production, which then led her to study under seasoned professionals at the Santa Fe Community College’s Film Program. 


Anaid’s endless curiosity and hunger for knowledge continues to drive her to hone her craft using the camera as a lens for empowerment, creativity, and positive change. And her deep desire for creating genuine connections is what helps her bring out the essence of your story and your mission to connect with those who need to hear it most. 


We all have a unique story to tell, and she wants to help you tell that story in a genuine and impactful way.

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